Kreatives Schreiben anlässlich des Weltwassertags

Creative writing: World Water Day

Kursstufe 1 – Englisch bei Frau Dobos, März/April 2023

Die folgenden Texte wurden von Englischschüler/innen der Kursstufe 1 geschrieben. Inspiration dafür war der „Welttag des Wassers“, der jedes Jahr am 22. März stattfindet. Mit diesem Tag möchten die Vereinten Nationen das Bewusstsein dafür schärfen, wie wichtig der Zugang zu Trinkwasser für alle Menschen ist.

there was once a little boy
that loved to play with his favourite toy
it was a turtle with a green shell
unfortunately the boy didn’t know the animal well
as he has never seen it in real life
because in the sea is where it survives
even though the boy lives near the coast
pollution and trash is what he sees the most
his grandma always tells him a story
of how the sea looked in all its glory
there were many turtles like his on the beach
and there was food und space for each
she tells him she loved how the sea was full of life
until there came the trash and no turtle could survive

by Cosima and Josch

The feeling of water

I like you, I want you and I need you.
The strength you give me, when I´m powerless,
the cool and calming feeling when my fingertips touch you.
The feeling of cold liquid going through my mouth,
running slowly down my throat,
rumbling soft inside my chest
and touching my heart with a new wave of life.
The feeling of water.

by Anika

Water is the liquid of life

Water is the liquid of life
It´s important in many ways,
It helps us do so many things
That it´s time to give it praise,
We use water everyday
When we drink, and when we play.
We brush our teeth and wash our hair,
We use water everywhere!
So water, water it truly is
The Liquid of Life!

by Nika

At last Joe arrived home. The day at the construction site had been hard and took its toll on his body, but the quiet confines of his apartment would allow some much-needed rest. Having taken off his boots and bright orange jacket, he was greeted by a loud meow coming from the kitchen.
„What’s the matter, Mittens? Happy to see me or just hungry?“
Another, sharper and higher pitched trill made it clear it was definitely the latter and Joe made his way to the kitchen, food in hand.
„Looks like your water bowl’s empty too, huh?“ A softer, but still demanding call came from Mittens. „Yeah, yeah, don’t worry, I’ll go get some.“
A short trip to the bathroom was all it took to see that the bathtub was almost empty after the last few weeks. The low humidity and high temperature didn’t help at all – a few years ago the arid season would’ve been long over, but it keeps getting longer and more intense each passing year. At this pace, Joe’s small hometown wouldn’t be able to make it through the summer in a few years’ time, even with all the precautions. Maybe he’d just have to get one of those large water barrels too – a sharp meow took his train of thought away and brought his attention back at the task on hand, his cat needed to drink something too and he couldn’t bear having her be thirsty, even if that meant not washing himself today.

by Joshua

The sun is slowly beginning to rise, the sky is getting orange. Now it’s my time to wake up and get everything moving. While I’m waking up the kids, I look out of the window. The little farm my husband William and I built is getting more and more weathered. I hear the sounds of the animals, a sign that they are thirsty. That’s my sign to hurry up, get the kids started and take them to their grandparents. While I’m searching for all of my containers I realize that because of the heatwave of the last days our water is almost gone. That means for me that I can’t drink anything until the afternoon, if I want to give my kids water.
Even though I left early it’s already really hot outside, like the last days have been. With the sun burning down, the two-hour walk to the next well is extremely challenging. On my way I think about my kids and the farm which are waiting for me, even though I’m completely sure I won’t get everything done today. With the fear of being a bad mom and losing my farm I’m gathering all of my energy together to at least get to the next village, where the next well is located.
Moving would be a solution, but it’s impossible to get everything on track as a single mum in a country where women are disrespected and not seen as humans. Also, I don’t want to leave my parents-in-law alone. In the time before the war, it was almost possible. We had gathered enough money and confidence to move near the next village. Enough to finally having access to water and having the possibility to upgrade our daily life without worrying about water and having to plan in a long walk to get fresh water. But then William got shot and since I can’t bring up the time and energy, most importantly the money to move near the well, my situation won’t change. Our life is getting even more terrible with the drastic change of climate and the general world shortage of drinkable water. As a result, my household, farm and my poor children need to suffer and live in poverty and low living standards.
It’s night again and I obviously couldn’t finish all of my tasks. A silent tear is crawling out of my eye and finding its way down my cheek. I kneel down to pray to God, hoping that, with time, change will come. Praying that one day every person in any country will have the opportunity to get to fresh water without having to bring up a lot of energy. Closing my eyes and trying to sleep leads my dreams into asking myself how I got into my current living situation.
Hopefully my kids will live a better life when they’re older.

by Amelie